custom made signs & personalized neon pieces

​True Colors Neon can take your ideas and bring them to life. Neon signs can perfect the overall appeal of ANY place, and are a perfect gift for any holiday. With our skilled glass benders and knowledge of making the perfect neon sign, we can transform your idea into a personalized, hand crafted neon sign that will light up your life!

All customized signs usually start out with a $175-$200 build out, which includes the plexiglass backing, chain, and cut of the background plexiglass if needed. Regular 6" letters start out at $20 per letter in whatever font/colors you prefer. Additional costs include the transformer power source(s), and tax. All of our signs are hand-crafted by our skilled glass benders and upon your request. Prices will vary based off of your idea and/or picture. Call our office any time for an estimate and free layout design ~ 713.783.1942